An organization designed to support new businesses through the difficult early stages by providing a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure, people, services, coaching, networking and capital.
Investment ready teams in the areas of our focus can get access to private funds through our network of investors and VCs and to public and EU funds through our network of partners.
We invest at pre-seed/seed stage of development in tranches.
We invest at seed or start-up stage projects, so our highest investment can’t exceed €1M.
i4G has more than 15 years’ experience working with ideas and teams. We understand inventors’ fears and we are committed to make you feel that your idea is fully protected and you are in the right company to improve it which is the ultimate goal. Eventually, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed depending on the level of maturity of the project and the intellectual property.
Yes, we provide either private offices or place in the co-working spaces to our start-ups.
Yes, you can rent the conference room for a meeting when it is available. Please check availability and rates at i4gpro.skedda.com
Please refer to our current price list section.
There is no limitation for i4Gpro as the maximum contract is 3 months which can always get renewed.

i4Gpro Founders Lab

In order to be considered for the Founders’ Lab 12-month program, you need to visit www.f6s.com, create your account and upload a file with your idea description (www.f6s.com/i4gpro/edit/application-questions) no more than 600 words.
There is no need to have an analytical business plan when you apply to i4Gpro. We are a start-up pre-incubator and our plan is to prepare an analytical business plan within 3 months of incubation.
We would be glad to hear your ideas and help you to choose which is the most suitable to focus on.
After the submission of your idea description, we will get in touch with you immediately asking you to visit i4Gpro for an interview with our coaches. If there is a match, then you are ready to start attending the Founders’ Lab program.
The prerequisites for admission to the Founders Lab Program are:
  • A realistic idea reflecting the potential to grow to a business and become a leading player in their market segment
  • A strong team with entrepreneurial characteristics
  • A product or service that represents a unique technology, application or practice that can create a competitive advantage
  • No legal claims or lawsuits pending against the idea
No doubt that i4Gpro is the right place to start a new venture, even if you have already started your work on it.
No, we are interested in a wide range of start-ups and we tend to diversify our portfolio in companies of different targets and orientation.
You are welcome to become an active member of our ecosystem as an individual. Helping you to match with your future partners is a part of our job.
Of course. There is no need to be a tech guy in order to start a new venture.
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