What it is

Founders’ Lab is a new model for the development of early stage startups, from idea generation and team formation, to a fully operational business. We host your team at a specially designed co-working space and we offer you our 12 month Founders’ Lab program. Interact with our coaches, mentors and other entrepreneurs, market test your product/service without necessarily having formed your legal entity, and take advantage of our unique fast track entrepreneurship training (ET) program.

How it works

In order to turn your business idea into a sustainable company, Founders’ Lab includes a 12-month (3 + 9 months) program.



The initial 3-month period is preparing your team for future development, so we focus on:


Team formation and role of each member


Market research


Business model and strategy development


Ongoing business canvas creation


Business plan completion



The following 9-month period aims to enter you in the market.
Our Focus is on:


Implementing the plan designed during the first period


Product/Service development


Market test your product/service in order to get customers' feedback


Access to funding opportunities either from i4G or other sources (VCs, angels, EU funding)

Other Business Support services in Founders’ Lab include:


Venture Capital fund investing at seed or start-up stage projects

We are not just a start-up incubator. We are keen on investing in our best teams and boosting them to scale-up. Our goal is to invest in the highest-potential entrepreneurs in the areas of our focus and/or to help them access financial resources from EU open calls, VCs and angel investors. From 2003 until today, i4G has participated in 9 Seed & Pre-seed funding rounds, investing more than €2.3M, in total.



Work together with similar-minded people, participate in events, and take advantage of our extensive business network, which includes both the Greek ecosystem as well as important contacts globally.


Administration support

We offer our start-ups legal, accounting, IT and desk clerk support for free or at heavily discounted prices. In that way, we decrease the burdens of everyday administrative tasks and let you focus on developing your business idea.


Mentoring and coaching

Become a Founders' Lab member and receive the support of our Coaches, Mentors, Business Support Experts, and experienced Instructors.


Meetups & Workshops

We organize and host numerous meetups, workshops, and seminars on a variety of topics. Find the topic that interests you and extend your knowledge base here!


Office facilities/spaces

We provide working space solutions for every working style and share our common spaces at very reasonable prices. Select the space that best suits your needs and take advantage of our lively community and extensive network here!

Coffice Thessaloniki Space as a Service i4G PRO

How much it costs

The cost for the 12- month Founders' Lab program (including all services mentioned above) is 1000€ per person.

How to apply

In order to be considered for the Founders’ Lab 12-month program, you need to apply at i4gpro.typeform.com uploading a file with your idea description using no more than 600 words.

The evaluation process

After the submission of your idea description, we will get in touch with you immediately asking you to visit i4Gpro for an interview with our coaches. If your interests match ours, then you are ready to start the incubation and attend the Founders’ Lab program.

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