Startup Competition i4G PRO Thessaloniki

i4G pro Startup Competition 2017

I4Gpro is running its first start-up competition aiming to incubate the best teams of young entrepreneurs. We have designed a pretty new start-up pre-incubator in Thessaloniki’s city centre as well as a special start-up development program, the Founders’ Lab (link to Founders’ Lab). Our vision is to establish the centre of entrepreneurship and innovation in Northern Greece. Our mission starts with attracting the most ambitious start-ups of our region. We believe in continuous development and expansion. We are glad calling all the interested start-ups to participate in i4Gpro start-up competition 2017.


Winning start-ups will have the opportunity to attend the Founders’ Lab. Specifically, competition’s winners will take advantage of close co-operation with our team of coaches and mentors who have the experience and expertise to provide appropriate guidance to turn a business idea into a fully operational business. We will also provide them the necessary funding opportunities in order to scale-up while they will enjoy working in our fully equipped incubator being part of our ecosystem.

Competition i4G PRO THessaloniki


i4Gpro is a start-up pre-incubator, so there is no need having worked for a long time on your project in order to apply. No doubt that more mature start-ups are also welcome to participate in our competition.

Teams that:


Have a business idea and they want to turn it into a fully operational business


Work on an academic research project and they want to turn it into a business project

Individuals that:


Ηave a business idea, but they have not set up their team yet


The competition process includes three stages: the application, an interview with our team of coaches and the pitch battle where the finalists are going to present their business idea in front of our start-up evaluation committee.


Send us a brief description (500-600 words) of your business idea


If your interest matches ours, we will call you for an interview


Present your idea to the pitch battle event

The winners will be announced on the pitching day



3-months of free incubation in Founders' Lab (i4G PRO start-up development program)

+ 1.500€ for corporate expenses


3-months of free incubation in Founders' Lab (i4G PRO start-up development program)

+ 500€ for corporate expenses



November 15 – January 5


November 20 – January 7

Pitch battle:

January 10

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